Blueberry buttermilk pancakes/Your protein hack

Savoury foods are my first love, but sweet foods are up there too. The one problem with sweet breakfasts is that they’re often just thinly disguised dessert. Meat-eaters can round things out by having sausages on the side, but that’s not really an option for vegetarians. So in an effort to make things a little more balanced, I experimented with a number of different flours to come up with a small tweak you can apply to your favourite pancake recipe.

I made one* (important) change to an existing recipe, so I’m not going to claim the rest of that material as my own. The recipe I used is by Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes, and you can find it here (by the way, the original recipe is also amazing). I think this hack would work on most buttermilk pancake recipes, though — particularly ones with fruit in or on them to add a little extra sugar.

So what’s the secret? Protein powder. Specifically, pea protein powder (seriously, this isn’t going to taste the same with most other protein powders). When you make your next batch of pancakes, simply replace one quarter of flour (by volume, not weight) with pea protein. You’ll barely taste it as a hint of nuttiness – and you’ve just added a lot more protein to your diet. Pea protein is cheap and relatively easy to find at bulk food stores.

Here are some pictures to show you that it actually turns out quite well:


Cast-iron skillets are amazing for pancakes.



* Actually, one other change I made was to add a dash of vanilla. That did nothing for the protein content, but did up the delicious-ness.


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  1. Daniel says:

    This looks like heaven on a plate!


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